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James Murray has built and launched products  Europe, North America, Apac.

With 18 years of experience in building and maintaining software-based products, I am a seasoned product manager with a proven track record of success in launching products globally.


As Product managers we are the sum of our experiences, the challenges we have faced, the people we have worked with and we try to constantly evolve and adapt to the organizations and Products we work with 

James Murray

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Ian Davies, Agile Coach

James is one of the most easy to get along with people I have worked with, especially within a PO role. His constant optimism and positive outlook is James's biggest asset as I have seen many doing the same role do the complete opposite and bear down on the team

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Tony Nguyen, Program manager

James is a truly passionate Product Manager, not sure if I've met anyone else who is as enthusiastic about building products as he is.

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Toby Owner, Product Leader

He excels at building cross functional teams and motivating them towards a common goal. He possesses the rare skill in technology to deeply understand a technology area and communicate it effectively to technical and non-technical audiences in a clear and understandable way.



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